When searching for a job as an underrepresented person in tech, you may become quickly frustrated. Many job resources are not catered with a diverse set of candidates in mind. Luckily, many people online have gone out of their way to create content and resources specifically to help underrepresented people in the tech industry find work.  

Here is our compilation of tech job search resources for underrepresented people.

Some quick things to keep in mind

  • While it can be especially challenging for underrepresented people to find work in tech, your skills and experience will be what gets you that perfect role! Trust yourself!
  • While it may feel like you have to work twice as hard to find the position you want, stick with it! 
  • In the days of remote work, for many it’s actually easier to find tech jobs. Limited travel to work and face-to-face interactions can mean fewer microaggressions and harassment, and more flexibility for those with chronic illnesses or limited mobility. 

Job boards and communities for underrepresented job searches

While there are perhaps millions of tech job search resources for underrepresented people out there, we have compiled some of our favorites below. We are consistently updating this list, so check back! We have been heavily inspired by this comprehensive list from learntocodewith.me. And if there is an article we missed, please share it with us in a comment or an email! 

Job Boards and Communities for General Diversity

Job Boards and Communities for Black Candidates

Job Boards and Communities for Latin/Hispanic Candidates

Job Boards and Communities for Female Candidates

Job Boards and Communities for Queer Candidates

Job Boards and Communities for Older Candidates

Job Boards and Communities for candidates with disabilities 

WordPress-focused sites to help with your job search

The WordPress community is unique for its emphasis on community, diversity, and inclusion. Community members around the world have put together specific tech job search resources that focus on WordPress roles.

Post Status Job Board

The Post Status Job Board advertises work opportunities within the WordPress marketplace. The majority of their list is full-time and remote positions at WordPress companies. You can find openings for developers, designers, project manages, customer support techs, and more. The Post Status team has been highly committed to making sure that underrepresented people have full access to their board and their networking Slack channel. (Tip: if you’re in the UIT database, you  get free access to the Post Status Slack!)

WordPress Career and Job Pages

A great alternative to use alongside the Post Status job board is the WordPres career and job pages site. It lists careers and jobs pages found on WordPress company websites. You can go down the list and directly find the pages that list job openings. It’s a great reference and place to start when you’re looking for a job. And guess what: it’s created and managed by Michelle Frechette! 

WordPress Job Board

The WordPress job board works through WordPress.org. It lists jobs in fields like design, development, performance, support, translation, writing, and even contribution. You can quickly see when the job was posted, if it’s full time or part time, if it’s remote or virtual. You can even use the search bar at the top to look for the kind of job that you’re looking for.

And of course, our own Michelle Frechette posts a weekly thread on twitter full of the most up to date job opportunities in WordPress. Follow her on twitter and check her page every Wednesday for this thread.

The Underrepresented in Tech podcast

We would be remiss if we did not point you to some of our podcast episodes that directly deal with finding work. Allie and Michelle are no strangers to searching for tech jobs as underrepresented people. So take a listen to some of these episodes in order to learn from their mistakes and experiences.

Negotiating a Salary

Networking as an Underrepresented Person

Finding the Right Workplace

Finally, if you’re looking for work, make sure that you’ve been added to the Underrepresented in Tech database!