Underrepresented in Tech Media Kit

Our Mission

Underrepresented in Tech was designed and built with the goal of demystifying diversity. Fear of tokenization and awkwardness blocks many leaders from reaching out to diverse individuals. This roadblock prevents amazing people from finding amazing opportunities. We built this tool so that if you want to prioritize diversity, you can, at no cost to either party.

It’s all about ending underrepresentation in tech.

people in our database

Date Launched: October 2020

Press Contact: contact@underrepresentedintech.com

Twitter Account: @UnderRepdInTech


Key Features

The Database

  • Underrepresented people can add themselves.
  • Which others can search for underrepresented people.
  • All information in the database is skill-centric/personal details are not published.
  • Photos are optional to minimize bias.
  • Contact information within the profile can be limited.
  • Members can request changes or to be removed from the database at any time.

Go to the database (submission side)

Go to the database (search side)


    The Podcast

    • Published weekly on Thursdays.
    • Hosted by Michelle Frechette and Samah Nasr.
    • Occasionally features guests from the WordPress community.
    • Each episode comes with full transcripts of the conversation.
    • Structured to provide content for both underrepresented people and allies.

    Go to the podcast 



      Michelle Frechette

      Michelle Frechette, Cofounder and Cohost

      Twitter: @michelleames

      Website: meetmichelle.online

      Michelle Frechette is the Director of Community Engagement for StellarWP at Liquid Web.

      Michelle was called “The busiest woman in WordPress,” by Matt Mullenweg at WCUS 2022.

      In addition to her work at StellarWP, Michelle is the Podcast Barista at WPCoffeeTalk.com, cofounder of underrepresentedintech.com, creator of WPSpeakers.com creator of wpcareerpages.com, the Executive Director at PostStatus.com, co-host of the WPMotivate podcast, co-host of the Audacity Marketing podcast, host of the WP Constellations podcast, author, and a frequent organizer and speaker at WordPress events.

      Michelle lives outside of Rochester, NY where she’s an avid nature photographer. You can learn more about Michelle at meetmichelle.online.

      Samah Nasr

      Samah Nasr, Cohost and Partner

      Twitter: @nasr_samah

      Website: Yoast.com

      Samah is a proud contributor to the WordPress polyglot team, juggling pixels and languages with finesse!

      But wait, there’s more!  As a Project Manager at Yoast, she is the mastermind behind the scenes, ensuring their projects and event planning sparkle brighter than a unicorn’s horn! In addition to that, she is also the guardian of the Yoast Diversity and Care funds, spreading love, inclusion, and digital magic!


      Allie Nimmons, Underrepresented in Tech Cofounder

      Twitter: @allie_nimmons

      Website: allienimmons.com

      Allie is an Austin-based, self-taught WordPress evangelist.

      She went from self-teaching basic code and website design in 2014, to her first agency job using WordPress in 2015, to running Pixel Glow Web Design from 2016-2019. She currently owns Beedia Productions, providing editing, voice over, and production services to companies like Kinsta, WP 101 and LinkedIn Learning.

      Allie loves talking about and connecting through WordPress. Her biggest joy comes in attending and speaking at WordPress meetups, virtual events, and WordCamps.