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Do you have a company, project, or event and would like to enrich it by involving more underrepresented individuals?

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When Tara Claeys and I were looking for guests for Hallway Chats, Underrepresented in Tech was a great way to connect with folks beyond our own networks in the WordPress community.

Liam Dempsey

Hallway Chats Podcast

The database was easy to navigate and zero-in on the people with the skills I was looking for. This is a valuable resource, one that I hope to see expand in size and influence over the next years.
Matt Cromwell


My goal as a podcaster is to help business owners grow by presenting a diverse set of ideas and backgrounds. It takes work to find those voices, but Underrepresented in Tech makes it much easier. I found people I likely would not have found on my own, and my podcast is better because of it. 
Joe Casabona


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