When learning a new skill or set of skills for a tech job, you may find that the options are practically endless. There is so much out there – workshops, videos, articles, courses. How do you know which ones will be best for you? We’ve curated some of our favorite educational resources that you can feel good about learning from.

Here is our compilation of educational tech resources for underrepresented people.

Connect with the right people

Before we get started with the resources themselves, here are some awesome people on Twitter you may want to follow in order to learn even more about tech.

Tech resources to help up your skills

A Complete Guide to Accessible Front-End Components (Smashing Magazine)

Online Resources for Learning WordPress (Lireo Designs)

WordPress Plugin Development Course (WP Dev Academy)

Learn JavaScript (Go Make Things)

The Underrepresented in Tech podcast

We would be remiss if we did not point you to some of our podcast episodes that directly deal with tech resources that you can use in your own career. Listen to some of these episodes in order to learn about what these resources do and how to access them.

The Yoast Inclusivity Feature

A Guide to WordPress Resources

Creating Newsletter Glue

Finally, if you’re looking for work, make sure that you’ve been added to the Underrepresented in Tech database!