If you are freelancing or starting your own business in tech, it may be challenging to find the right resources. You’ve got the skills to start your own business, now you need the resources to support your endeavor. There is a lot to think about – pricing, emails, networking, etc. We’ve curated some of our favorite business tools and resources that you can reference if you get stuck along the way.

Here is our compilation of business resources and tools resources for underrepresented people working in tech.

Tech-related business resources


This tool allows you to collaborate more seamlessly with clients and teams on projects and tasks. It provides a centralized dashboard, giving you an overview of your agency. You can see how many requests you have on each website, what your team has been up to, and more.

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Equalize Digital

Make your WordPress website accessible and ensure all people have equal access to your products or services, regardless of ability. Reach more customers, reduce liability, and increase conversions. Connect with them for services, but also resources and audits.

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TeamWP is a collection of tools and resources to help WordPress leaders improve culture and team dynamics. You can currently sign up for their free employee engagement survey.

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This website allows you to find a group or start a group for either virtual or in-person clubs and events. You can search based on your community or your interests for networking, business, tech, and various other topics.

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If you’re interested in attending, speaking at, sponsoring, or just keeping up with WordPress industry events like WordCamps, meetups and more, you can use this site to keep track of when and where they are occurring. It includes in-person and virtual events.

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SCORE is a database of mentors who know what it’s like to be a small business owner. They connect you with a selection of entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives is eager to help you start and grow your business. Enter your zip code and complete the mentoring request form to be paired with a local business expert.

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The Underrepresented in Tech podcast

We would be remiss if we did not point you to some of our podcast episodes that talk about business resources, tools, and advice that you can use as you build your own business. Listen to some of these episodes in order to learn about these tech business resources and topics!

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