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March is almost over, but we didn’t forget you! We’ve packed this edition with some stuff we think you will like. Let’s get right into the content. 💪

✨ Here’s one of our favorite things from the past month.

Honestly, I wish we had named our podcast this! Because, that’s what we’re striving for.

In this Inclusive AF episode, the hosts talk with Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown. She is a highly sought-after equity strategist and cultural architect, who was recently appointed as the Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations for Race Forward, a leading racial justice nonprofit organization.

👩‍💻 Our Latest Podcast Episode

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Listen to: How Hard is it for Minority Businesses to Get Funding

It’s harder than ever for minority businesses to get funding from venture capitalists and investors. Allie and Michelle discuss why and how this happens, as well as some “magic wand” solutions for how it could be resolved. 

📰 Diversify Your Feed

Josepha Haden Chomphosy recently tweeted out a job site that is specifically geared toward historically underrepresented groups – Power to Fly

The Ultimate Workplace Guide to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging – Read the Post

WordPress Layoffs: Some Resources – Read the post

WordPress has a new developer blog – Learn more

Tech Layoffs for Underrepresented People – Give it a Listen

Are you a designer? Apply to speak at Config 2023 – Apply here

Accessibility Craft is a brand new podcast focused on, you guessed it, accessibility! – Listen here

🔥 Hot Take from Michelle: If you don’t like adaptive clothes and devices, then don’t buy them… 🔥

Kim Kardashian (yes, THAT Kim) has a line of clothing that touts that it is for every body. (Now we all know that some lines that purport inclusivity in size and adaptability sometimes fall short of including everyone, but most are at least trying.) So although I don’t usually agree with a Kardashian mindset, I have to give props to this clothing line, especially since the prices aren’t astronomical.

Some of their ads display clothing wearers in wheelchairs. (They also display people of different sizes and ethnicities.)

Candace Owens (not known for her inclusiveness) publicly ranted about the ads saying “I don’t really understand how far we’re going to take this inclusivity thing. We are being ridiculous, America.”

Well then, Ms. Owens, don’t buy it. If you see an ad in a magazine, turn the page. If it comes up on YouTube, skip the ad.

I realize this won’t reach her. She will never subscribe to Underrepresented in Tech, and that’s ok. But if she does read this, I’d like her to know the world does revolve…just not around her.

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