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✨ Here’s one of our favorite things from the past month.

The In the Loop is a WordPress podcast by Blackbird Digital

In a sea of WordPress podcasts, In the Loop is one of our favorites. In December, Cory and Phil posted a season 2 retrospective which included some of their favorite moments from past episodes (including one from Allie’s!)

Other episode highlights include ones with Bet Hannon, Aurooba Ahmed, Lesley Sim, Ryan Welcher, Amber Hinds, and Brian Coords.

👩‍💻 Our Latest Podcast Episode

Listen to: 2023 New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to the new year! Time to do better. In this episode, Allie and Michelle provide you with 8 resolutions you can commit to in 2023. Each one will help you make this year much more focused on diversity, equity and inclusion!

📰 Diversify Your Feed

The Daily 5 with Aurooba – Listen here

Engineering Management for the Rest of Us by Sarah Drasner – Get the book

Diverse ways HBCU students can benefit from ChatGPT – Read the article

Cloudfest is back! – Learn more and register

Slalom Build is hiring for their award-winning internship program – Learn more

Improving the Five for the Future contributor journey – Add your thoughts

🔥 Hot Take from Allie: Learn to Code, Darnit 🔥

In preparing my slides for WordCamp Asia (yes, that’s a humblebrag) I started recounting my history with WordPress and website building.

So much of why I used WordPress in the first place was because I didn’t want to need to code in order to build amazing things. While that’s still a valid reason, and while I don’t think everyone needs to be a full-stack software engineer to work in tech, I think that many no-code careers should prioritize basic code more.

Knowing basic HTML and CSS has consistently come in handy. From figuring out what font someone else is using in the dev tools to troubleshooting a site for a friend. When you know what the code is doing, you can begin to piece together solutions. I have also been able to talk to developers more fluently about websites, and sometimes I wish I knew MORE to have eve more of those kinds of conversations.

So if you’re a non-coder and are looking to up your skills this year, I highly encourage you to either brush up on your code or learn a new language.

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