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We’re back! Well, one of us is back and we’re welcoming someone new. Who is it? Read on…

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Thank you, Allie!

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First, I want to pay homage to the work that Allie Nimmons has given to Underrepresented in Tech. When we first began even talking about how to serve others in our community, I don’t think either of us realized how much this project would come to mean to us – and us to each other. Allie is one of my best friends – and a lot of that is from the passion we have to help others succeed, but also being able to see each other’s points of view, even when we might not have understood or completely agreed. True partnership like that is rare, and it’s been my absolute pleasure to work with her.

Thank you, Allie! For all of your work, but even moreso, for your amazing friendship.

Welcome to my new cohost!

Hmmmm… Who is she? It’s a surprise!

I have recorded 4 episodes over the last few months, and those will all be released this week. (Stay tuned!)

And then next week in a brand new episode, you’ll meet my new cohost. Who is she? Someone with passion for representation. Someone with a positive outlook. Someone who advocates for others. And she’s not American!

Tune in for our new episodes starting next week and you’ll meet her. I’m excited to welcome her to the project!

✨ Here’s one of my favorite things from the past month.✨

I was fortunate to speak at WordCamp Asia earlier this month. My talk is part of the stream on the WCAsia YouTube channel. Bookmarked here at the start. Speaking about why inclusion and allyship are important and a true pleasure. Enjoy!

👩‍💻 Our Latest Podcast Episode

Listen to: Setting Boundaries & Allie’s Last Episode

In this episode, Allie and Michelle talk about boundaries. Why they are important, the types of boundaries, and how it can be challenging for underrepresented people to set and enforce them. This is also Allie’s last episode as co-host!

📰 Diversify Your Feed

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✨Newest additions to the database!✨

In each monthly newsletter, get introduced to some of the most recent professionals who have added themselves to the Underrepresented in Tech database!

Morgan Lucas

  • Development/code
  • Website design
  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Tech support
  • WordPress

Taylor Arndt

  • Development/code
  • E-commerce
  • Diversity consulting
  • Accessibility
  • WordPress

Amy Weicker

  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Diversity consulting
  • Marketing
  • Social media

🔥 Hot take: I’m tired of having so many hot takes. 🔥

Hey, Allie here.

For my last newsletter hot take, I struggled hard to think of what to write. I’ve reached a point in my life and career where I’m struggling to get as up in arms about things as I used to.

We live in a society that encourages us to be loud about what we think. Social media encourages us to always have an opinion, to argue it out with others, and to minimize the amount of listening we do. Lately I’ve been trying to prioritize more just being a human. The idea that my job is to experience what it means to be a human, not to network and make money and increase production. Of course it matters to care, and care loudly and strongly about the things that are important. But we should not be obligated to do that in a certain way.

Our latest podcast episode was all about boundaries. Sometimes a good boundary to practice is to not speak up. To not engage in the discussion, dialogue, or argument. To be allowed the space and time to ruminate on an idea or a feeling before announcing it. Social media makes it incredibly hard to do that. And when our communities exist almost exclusively on social media, it’s even harder.

So my hot take for you is to minimize your hot takes in 2024. Spend more time listening and less time talking. And when you do have something to say, it’ll be that much louder and more powerful.

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