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Dani Shaw

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Founder + Lead Designer at kaleidaweb design + maintenance

Dani Shaw is a professional Web Designer with 26 years of experience designing, developing, and maintaining web sites. Dani has developed hundreds of web sites covering a wide spectrum of needs and requirements including responsive WordPress sites, online learning portals, enhanced landing pages, content management systems, e-commerce stores, and much more. Daily kaleidaweb duties include overseeing WordPress web design projects, consulting current + prospective clients, and leading the maintenance team caring for those sites enrolled in a plan.

Technical Editor at Cengage Learning

Dani is also a Technical Editor for one of the largest computer textbook publishers, Cengage Learning since 2001.

I specialize in:
  • Development/code
  • Website design
  • E-commerce
  • WordPress
I am interested in:
  • Contributing to a project
  • FT/PT work